Mistakes I made in my first job.

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First of all age has nothing to do with wisdom. Ignorance may be bliss but it is no excuse for our mistakes. Therefore I ask you to seek as much wisdom as possible. I made so many mistakes when I first started working but I will share the major ones with you.

#1. I had no plan after I got the opportunity to do what I love and earn a few bucks. It was exciting to get to share my skill with the world but unfortunately that’s all I was focusing on. Every time I got paid, I would think of nothing else but spending. This means in case of an emergence you are on Zero or do not have enough.

#2. I did not give it my all. I am really saying this while I cringe. But, I believe that I could have done more.  I am a hard-worker and I love writing; I was looking forward to a great future but I never asked myself what my responsibility is in creating a great future. I was just comfortable with what was coming through after all, I was a girl and fresh from compass. I was lucky to be earning. So without a good plan for growth and development you are actually on a long endless journey. What?? I must have been crazy.

#3. I knew how to make the money but I did not know how to keep it. I was out to empower myself. Find a better paying job but I did not understand the value of saving the money. What was I thinking?  But all I did was get my hair done in the best Salon, bought the best shoes in cool stores and clothes. You ought to look good but have a plan, a good plan. You can dress well on budget; I knew that though I had the new money high every time the money came through because then my low budget ideas disappeared from my brain. Anybody connect?? I have learnt that keeping some money will change your life. Stay away from stores and malls.

#4. I forgot that I was making money to make a decent living. I kept thinking that I still had time to make more. There is never enough time to make more; always take saving as an emergency. If you do not start saving early, you will find it harder to learn this skill.

I hope you can pick a leaf and begin to shift your life. Please share ideas of being a better money steward and life planner. Do not beat yourself if you are passed your first job. You can start now.
Sit tight and plan your life to the dot. But leave room for failure. Sometimes, we must fail to do well. Its just part of the journey.







Beautiful girls grind harder than usual.

Well cut face, great smile and curves are great if you do not get unnecessary attention. Besides that you will even find yourself in worse situations that call for wisdom and deep rooted confidence. Many people believe that this great human feature will work to your advantage but it wont and will not help you unless you decide to use your brain. The struggle is greater when you have more defined features. Everyone else has to prove themselves but the pretty girl will have to do much more to prove herself.

It is strange but true in my books and I guess you will record it in your books now. As long as a woman has great looks, she always encounters more struggles than an average feature person. There are boulders set up just for her; some are out of jealousy, inferiority complex and others are to ensure that she can really raise above her looks. Really? Oh yeah..This is so unfair. It is.

  • Just carry yourself like you are royalty. Set a standard and prove yourself; tests will push you to the place you belong. Do not be hungry for the things that you have not worked for in honesty. The general rule is you must do your exact hours of work or you have no credibility.

Some of  the boulders are put in place to break her in case she is weak. And the truth is many young good looking women are endangered species anywhere in the world.  If she is unfortunate and has no counsel or is not mentored as a young little lady, she will be more prone to mistreatment and will off course make more mistakes that an average girl.

Predators of all sorts are out to get you in the most unexpected ways.  They will at times come dressed in a great opportunity offer but later you will discover that main  intention was not because you are appreciated for your skill but for the hope that you could be generous. You ought to be courageous and sure of who you are inside. In the few years I have lived, I have learnt that when the offer is too good to be true I have to stay in control of excitement just to manage the shook in case I learn that the offer is only real if I can stoop so low. The line “I just want to hang out with you. I want the best for you,” is always a lie.  The brother has something more up his sleeve girl.Don’t you think he is an angel.

  • I would say be more cautious than usual. You might be hanging with a wrong guy but you also do not want to mistreat the kind soul at the corner.

Girls too may not treat you with disrespect. It gets so bad when your very own; ladies like you shun you too. Dang??? how could this be? Well, I am sorry you will be encounter this no matter how nice you are.

  • Live differently, be happy and avoid those that like to hang with you just because they know some chased after people are around you. Watch you back. “You are beautiful, I am sure men and women want to identify with you,” this is always said to me by all sorts of people.  

I wont forget this casual day in the office kitchen in one of the places I worked in 2013. This guy who seemed to have so little respect for woman had no choice but to tip his hat for me. I should say he was complimenting me. He said boldly and loud in enough to me without a care of who eavesdropped. Without giving a background he just mouthed…”Brains and beauty are usually had to come by.”

Happy and free girl decisions…#journeytosoulfreedom

Its 2011.

My mother had just passed away and I was figuring out what next. Her voice had been a big influence and now it was not there anymore. Scared, confused and depressed, I still knew that I had to make ends meet and go higher to #makemotherproud.

I gathered my friend and I to share whats on my heart. This is what I said to her, “Girl you know we want the best life but we need to make some decisions that will take us there.” We had learnt a lot from Steve Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly effectively People which we had read two years back at the time. We both had some knowledge of how but the challenge was application.

Gloria and I posing for photo at Uganda’s Parliament without fear of being judged. Photo credit Ruth Karatsi

My friend Gloria is the kind that has a willingness to do all she can to find what she desires and she indeed was in. We then sat down in her room and discussed details of the world and life we envisioned. I will confess that we were really short sighted and inexperienced but we had a picture of what we wanted. Two girls figuring out life with a hope that we can make a difference. We listed the key ingredients and prayer was ultimate.

We knew that the key thing we needed was a relationship with God first. Blindly we began to be intentional about God. The goal here was to pray so we began to pray though we had limited knowledge on God. We were crazy and when I look back I sure can say that even in prayer we were crazy but God was still there. He loved and guided us despite our lack of knowledge. And we grew little by little with God on our side.

Wooow!!! ……I am happy I sought him and here I am. Do not worry if you feel totally detached. God loves you the way you are. And yeah, you have to start somewhere, it does not matter how the somewhere looks like.

More of the goals were funky huh; We set out to be the beautiful outstanding women that God created us to be.

  • Look good always
  • Work hard- do some business which we did- followed our passions.
  • Build a deep relationship with God- pray and fast. We were curious about God and we decided to use the tools given to us by Jesus to seek more.

We seemed focused; we even achieved the business goals but the problem was we never sat down to evaluate our progress. We were moving blindly in away. We did not take time to really smelly the money and define a clear target.  Such as, how we wanted the business to grow in the next five years; we had no action plan. I guess we sound like silly girls. But, we basically had no clearer purpose and so we hoped that just doing what they say makes you successful was enough. Well, sorry to disappoint you but you must have a defined target.

We were lost in making the dream that we did not build it. We forgot that we needed to have goals and objectives. Ding dong, the bell went off and we were forced to look back and evaluate. And that is is when we realised that we could have been more intentional. We could have fed the horse instead of neglecting it than just enjoying  the great rides.  Never the less, we learnt; we learnt so much.

Today, I am intentional with everything.

  • Prayer life -consistency is key in seeking God.
  • Life dreams- I make sure I am as detailed as possible
  • Believe it – I have to believe.
  • Be me.  Authentic is always better.
  • Allow yourself to be naive; you can discover and do the impossible.

Thank you for following me on this Journey to soul freedom. More great stories coming your way.

They want to change you!!…. Watch out


So, I recently started writing about my Journey to soul freedom. and part of that road meanders in to the roads of those I love. Its been quiet a journey; please buckle up for part 2.


I imagined that because they love me, everything they offer me is constructive. I am sorry to disappoint you, but your loved ones can be distraction to you. You are probably asking why and, this is the what I have discovered.

  • It is always easy to believe in them. I mean..they love me, they must want the best for me but yet they are short sighted.  They are not the ultimate; I have met many people who were misled. Do not blame; God gave you a will. Have an open-mind.

Many times people who love us think they know whats best all the time but that is not true. Sometimes, they are wrong. You need to always evaluate their advice and consider what you want for yourself. They are not the gospel truth, they just have a view. So find more views.

  • They hold you hostage. How sad? But you may not notice it because they say they want the best for you. You can easily give up your God given passions because some of your loved ones are very short sighted. They will offer to help you to build their own vision of an authentic standard life. Is that who you are? Just standard? I bet not.

‘Really? Who makes them think they know everything?’                                                              Well, do not fall for kindness and support unless you believe it will take you back to that place you want to be. Run for your passion.

  • I am a premium package though I sometimes come in bits. Everything about me matters. From my favourite food to colour. It says something about the bigger me.

Its not only their opinion about your career, it can be about the food you eat or other social interests like clothes. Oh yeah, clothes??? not all cloth designs and colours look great on you so do not accept to be misled. You could get pushed to buy something that does not work for your taste or colour.

Do you feel like some of you friends are bent to change you? Sounds really weird a question, in fact I never cared to imagine or think that some people that I love can be bad influence. So, I set out to listen to all the people I love and consider their advice. Not until I went on a journey to find purpose and I sure faced tough questions. I then realised that some of my favourite’s opinions were imposed on me.

“Heck, they are out to change me.” I decided I need to find my route. It is tough, it will be tough but you must stand up for you. Focus, learn but most of the time dig from within.


Excuse me, can I know where you are from?

This is a World Wide Web question? I have realized that anywhere you go in the country or  world you will be asked this very question as long as you look like you are different in social orientation. This includes voice tone, posture, language and dialect. It is many times never intended to segregate you but to help the indigenous or anyone else to understand you. Sometimes, you will find those that ask so that they can position themselves against you.

I will never forget this one scenario when a friend of my lovely aunt who was at the time in her last year university decided to discuss me in my very Language. This young man’s experience limited him to think that looks define people.  It is so hilarious; he thought I was not Ugandan so he confidently asked and aloud; “OmunyaKenya ogwu wamwihahe.” interpreted as where did you find this Kenyan. Isn’t it hilarious? Oh yeah and could have been more embarrassing if he had said something mean and discovered later that I could understand the language.

As I washed dishes at the sink to day, I found myself reflecting on this whole tribalistic concern that has lately been messing with our society.  Please allow me to submit that if you actually are busy looking out for the flaws in others, you are actually setting yourself up for others to rudely and unfairly scrutinize you.  I know there are tribes, individuals and families that feel superior but that does not make them superior.

Can you imagine what would happen if we ignored those that feel superior? If we never included them in our discussions and never shared their shameless behavior with each other but treated them just like anyone else and focused on our agenda.  Don’t give them mileage. Focus on you.

I have found myself in conversations where I have to explain who I was until I got tired and said I do not have to explain or allow anyone define me. I am who I know that I am. My heritage is special because it is rooted in Christ Jesus. If where you are from is not connected to Christ I am sorry you will continue to feel less and sorry for yourself.

Much as the headline, a question is common. I believe it also reveals that anyone who seems different is always outcasted all over the earth. I mean, think about it; in school, you or someone was outcasted for the weirdest reason. We are all united by one creator who created us for a purpose and for that reason he made us so different so we could manifest the glory of his power.

Just think again, did you know that those that think you are less are actually using you to cover up their insecurities. So true, usually the hurt want to hurt others, the confused will confuse others.

My father says that one would give details of his ancestral lineage to help the host or tourist or anyone to recognize them in response to the headline question;  To me it says so much in social security and awareness control.  What do you see?

In the 1950s, which is when my father was born, it was easier to connect and understand someone’s intention or background given the correct details. I loved to hear the poetic details of the family lineage that the old folks shared. It sounded like a story that was told about the old days. The strange yet rich names made it all the more intriguing to my childish mind.

And you know; this can still be beautiful if we appreciated that each one is unique. If we could desire to know each other so we could appreciate God’s power, then we would learn more of who we are. Your cultural, social and geographical ignorance will not allow you to see well. Growing up, we always were told the proverb “A kana katazenga, kati mama natekagye,”  (meaning the child that never goes on adventure; visiting other homes always says his or her mother is the best cook) whoever said this at anytime especially my mother who is in heaven bless her soul intended to teacher us  that you are as limited as you setting.  Get out of yourself, get to know people their language and culture. Eat strange food; you might discover that you mother is  the worst cook.


Day 33

Day 33

I woke up feeling like I can take on the world; I had strength and I was aware of myself. It was a nice cold morning which makes it even more grand because I could be quiet and cosy with self which makes me feel great especially when I do not get any interruptions. It is the 2nd day of February 2018; a blessing to be in the second month of the year but I actually like that fact that it revealed so much to me about myself. I am on the journey of finding me. I am not necessarily lost but I want to know myself deeper and today I realised how much we stumble in to life instead of living.

After experiencing a crazy busy life for more than a year, I learnt that it is easy to adapt to an empty and joyless life. You loose the delight of life and become ignorantly cynical. Why? because we begin to settle. We are busy figuring out the next day that it is easy to think that what others model and say is a good life is actually a good life.

I whispered a thank you Jesus though there was no one around to eavesdrop; well just to say it was an intimate moment.

In the last 32 days I have realised that busyness makes us clingy and needy. It kills the silent you and makes you hunger for the noise. I just have to confess. Having been in the noise long enough, I forgot how to be quiet and alone even when I enjoy being alone most of the time. And do not judge me; I am all about people, spending time with family but I also love being alone as much.

So while on this special sabbatical; I have had to talk myself out of calling or going to visit or hang out with friends just to occupy time. My mind finds it had to be quiet especially that it has been in a maze and it lost all the control since I never intentionally blocked out the pressures of life. Talking about the pressures; note that the ups and downs will always be there. I have learnt that I just have to stop living in fear of  uncertainty which is one of the reasons we allow the noise to crowd our minds hoping to find answers yet the answers are in the quiet corner. We always say that we do not have time but we do not know how to spend a day quiet, alone and just being about us.

And do you know what happens in the process? we lose perspective. We miss out the things that really matter and why we are here anyway. I have come to appreciate some of the habits that I am going to share with you. I believe I managed to keep a bit level headed because I made some of them my rituals; it has been a step at a time but I am grateful I took them up.

Lets be intentional so we can remember the dates on the calendar and smile at a silly joke.

Ways to find perspective again.

  • Create a morning culture. Spend time with God and you in the morning before turning to the social media or talking to anyone else.
  • Intentionally sit still eat and drink. Do not try to fix things; this gives you stance on how best to handle anything.
  • Remember the things that always gave you contentment. Think through them and analyse why?
  • Find and seek knowledge on new things, people and cultures. You could learn something new about your interests. Just be curious and open-minded.
  • Love others as much as you love yourself. Consider there needs and reach out.

Thank you for journeying with me. After all its got to be deliberate.

Journey to soul freedom.

So, it has been a long journey to freedom. I still have not yet arrived but I am more strategic than ever. Is this even realistic? Well, just read on; you could find your route again. Everyday, I look forward to my happy, free girl energetic and loving self. I sure sound like I have the best life; and I do.


Having been a happy go girl growing up who enjoyed being funky. I was eager to dig in the heels. Little did I know.


I always took on any challenge like a there was something intriguing hiding behind the issue at hand. I always wanted to make a difference by inspiring and building others.

I will change lives.

Little did I know that when you say that, every thing that can knock you down comes crushing in. Was I prepared no. Sadly, I lost myself in the struggle as I endeavored to keep up and look ahead. Something was missing in my journey toolbox. I did not know what it was neither did I know where to look. There seemed to be a number of options and guess what, I chose the wrong one. Hopeless and confused I had to find a new route.

 I began to dig in the trucks that were clearer but yet misleading….

I began to tell myself that I was not meant to do that and that was when I decided I was going to be just like everyone else. I tried to settle in but I never could sit with everyone. I got bored with lifeless conversations and empty lifestyles. I got sad and was depressed because I would never fit in. None the less, I still hang in there hoping I would find my space but I never did; even when everyone seemed to look at the life I could not stand as ideal. Like the lost son, here I was; a lost daughter. I decided to find my way back.

I knew that I had to pursue the girl inside of me who was the only one that knew life the way I appreciated.

Thank you for reading, I hope my journey awaken’s the lioness or lion in you. (Finding my way back…is coming soon.